Rules for Certification Withdrawal, Maintenance, Extension and Re-Evaluation

Suspension of Certification or Certificate Withdrawal

The Certification Body has the right to suspend the certification or to withdraw the certificate if the holder of the certificate violates the rules of certification. The head of Certification Body analyses the situation and drafts actions. The Certification Body notifies the holder by letter that the certification has been suspended for a period of maximum of 6 months or that the certificate has been withdrawn. If the holder applies for restoration of the validity, the Certification Body implements appropriate procedures specified in the Quality Manual of CB. Suspension of certification or certificate withdrawal can be based on the holder’s application.

The Certification Body issues documents Certificate Withdrawal or Suspension of Certification in these cases.

Restoration of Validity of Certificate

Based on the holder's application for restoration of the validity of the certificate, the Certification Body makes an assessment in the necessary scope of procedures PROCEDURE IN 2008/18 and/or PROCEDURE IN 2008/19 and/or PROCEDURE IN 2008/20. The head of the Certification Body makes a decision to restore the certificate or not.


The applicant has to apply for re-evaluation in writing. Re-evaluation is performed in compliance with procedures PROCEDURE IN 2008/18, PROCEDURE IN 2008/19, PROCEDURE IN 2008/20. The assessor decides on the scope of assessment/testing based on the documentation supplied by the applicant and on previous inspections results.

Extending or Reducing Scope of Certification

Extending or reducing the scope of certification is performed under terms and procedures stipulated in internal documents PROCEDURE IN 2008/18, PROCEDURE IN 2008/19, PROCEDURE IN 2008/20. The original certificate is superseded and replaced by the newly issued certificate.

Handling Complaints and Appeals

A complaint is an objection to a process, an appeal is an objection to decision on a complaint resolution.

Complaints and appeals can be submitted in writing by the applicant or by a third party. A complaint (appeal) is revised by the Head of the CB, who decides if the complaint (appeal) is true or not. The result is sent to the complainant. If the complaint is true it is solved and the applicant is informed informed about results or supposed term of solution till 14 days. If an agreement is not achieved, the complaint (appeal) is solved by the Council for Certification on the CB. If the agreement is still not achieved, the complainant has the right to appeal to a court.